Usana convention highlights part 1: the Usana Difference

The Usana International Convention took place in Salt Lake City August 24-28, 2011.  I took copious notes on the speakers that impacted me most and provided the most important information for YOU, my clients and community. Here, I will provide information from the General Sessions and the Break Out sessions that I attended, and provide some commentary or elaboration based on what I remember. Please comment and share!

Thursday, at the opening session, Dr. Myron Wentz–founder of Usana–spoke on the state of the industry and the state of the company. Before I give you the synopsis, I have to tell you that Dr. Wentz is a scientist thru and thru.  He is absolutely committed to science first, investing in the best manufacturing and certifications possible.  It is obvious to me that Usana, even though it is a supplement company whose industry has fairly low standards, strives to be not only a supplement leader, but also a leader in the science of nutrition.  They are becoming more and more involved with academic institutions to do peer-reviewed research that is at the level of pharmaceutical standards.  Understand that this is VERY rare in the nutritional industry.  As a former scientist, I have been so impressed not only with the level of science that Usana performs, but also with the level of scientists and physicians that trust Usana as well.

Here is a summary bulleted for your easy reading:

  • direct selling industry is growing by leaps and bounds
  • the most important factor for Usana and to separate Usana from other products out there is quality science, manufacturing, and complex understanding of the cell-body-nutrient connection.
  • watch out for copy cat products: some businesses think they can just copy the award-winning formulation of the Essentials.  Its so much more complicated than that! You have to have the right form of the nutrient, in the right balance with other nutrients, and it has to be stored under the proper conditions and manufactured properly to keep the ingredients active.
  • Usana nutritionals are not made out of synthetic ingredients.  The raw materials that they use are the purest natural materials possible.
  • They quarantine every shipment received and test it using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) which is about the most scrutinizing analytical test a chemical can go thru to test for purtity.
  • Dr. Wentz is a world leader in researching what keeps cells their healthiest, winning the Albert Einstein award.
  • Doing lots of collaborative clinical studies with the Linus Pauling Institute, TOSH (The Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital).
  • Hepasil DTX is so effective at enhansing liver detoxification, they are getting it patented. (i added it to my Health Pak).
  • They have upgraded Procosa joint health supplement to more effectively deliver curcumin (turmeric–a powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant) into the cell — 30x more bioavailable than other formulations due to a special liposome encapsulation of the turmeric
  • Proflavenol C 100 has been shown to increase blood flow to the periferal arteries (especially important in diabetics!)

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