Usana Convention highlights: Part 2: facinating science facts

Still Thursday, and Christiane Northrup, a very well known physician who has written many books on women’s health, and has been on Dr. Oz, spoke.  She is a Usana Associate too.  Here are some REALLY interesting points she made:

  • Every year 99,000 people die from medication errors and 98,000 people die from hospital-aquired diseases (nosocomials)
  • people who are on antioxidants when they have surgery heal sooo much faster than those who aren’t.
  • 60% of women over 60 have had a hysterectomy
  • When vitamin D levels are optimal the myometrium (uterine muscle) is healthy and there is a reduced risk of of c-sections.
  • your heart has a huge electromagnetic field that affects everyone around you (that’s their “vibe” they are giving off).  We can let love flow over the entire planet with a positive, healthy heart.

Usana Scientists presented upgraded products (i already touched on) and they also gave some really interesting statistics about the cells in our body:

  • our bodies renew our skin every month (think of how healthy cells can make your skin look younger)
  • our entire blood supply is regenerated every three years (you can clean up your act and it can have a difference on your whole body!)
  • Our entire skeleton is turned over every ten years (keep the living part of your cells healthy! Calcium is only half the story!)
  • Kids turn over their skeletons every YEAR, and teens do it every other year.

The kicker is that these incredibly important processes can only occur if the cells are healthy and working optimally, and that its NEVER to late to chance your health!

Dr. Heather Tick, a pain specialist with clinics in Toronto, Canada, and in Arizona said that she has had the most success with managing pain in patients with nutritional intervention–making lifestyle changes.  She also said that narcotics that are often used in pain management actually cause more pain in the long run.  She gave the following tips to reduce chronic pain:

  • Eat a low glycemic, fresh food diet
  • exercise
  • stop smoking
  • manage stress more effectively
  • supplement to get cells healthy and optimally functioning
  • One of the most effective things she found was to help people understand THEY are in control and empower people to manage their own relief.
  • low Vitamin D levels are associated with pain–95% of her patients were profoundly deficient.
  • curcumin plus phophotidylcholine (a phospholipid in our cells) has pain-reducing effects.
  • ginger works on cox2 inhibitor pathways and is an anti inflammatory compound.  it works on more cox 2 pathways (4 different ones) than the drugs (vioxx, celebrex, etc–only 2).
  • get good sleep and adequate amounts of it.

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