apple juice and dr. oz controversy

Everyone is on Dr. Oz’s back about his comment on apple juice having arsenic in it and how we should not be feeding to babies. here is the link for the page it’s discussed:

my take on it: start checking the bottles of juice you buy to see where the concentrate comes from. A lot of it is from China and Argentina. It is printed on the plastic not on the label. We do not have any control over what pesticides are used in those countries or how the concentrates are processed before they are imported. Other countries do use pesticides that are banned in our country because they are not safe, but we eat produce with those residues on them all the time.
THIS is why it is so important to purchase domestic conventional produce–produce grown in the USA. Organic produce that is certified will not have inorganic arsenic which is from pesticides. So buy organic when you can, and when you can’t buy US grown.
Seriously, who wants apples from China anyway! We have wonderful sources of apples right here in the US!!

Here is the link to the EWG guide to pesticide residues on produce–its a nice handy guide to print, laminate and put in your purse for quick referencing: If you have one, this one is brand new! and there is an app now! check it out!!


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