how to make weight loss last

A new study has shown that a high protein/low glycemic diet not only helped people maintain weight but they also LOST weight. Over the course of 26 weeks 773 subjects who had already lost an average of 22 lbs. were put on one of 3 diets:
low protein/low gi
low protein/high gi
high protein/low gi
high protein/high gi
(gi=glycemic index)

over the course of the study, only those in the low protein/high gi diet regained a significant amt of weight. those in the high protein/low gi group actually LOST more weight during this maintainance phase.

One more reason to pour the sugar bowl down the drain!!!

some super easy examples of a high protein/low gi meal are:
–roasted or grilled chicken with roasted brussel sprouts and carrots
–salmon about the size of your palm (not including your fingers) and a salad of greens or spinach with walnuts and garbanzo beans.
–banana with peanut butter (not in a sandwich form)


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