tips for healthy living

This is a series of tips for healthy living that are being published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.  I hope you find them useful!

Tip: Accountability 

Find an accountability partner.  This is someone who will keep you from getting off track, especially when you socialize.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be your spouse or partner. You should be able to call him or her when you are feeling vulnerable to sabotage and temptation, so they can “talk you down” from something you’ll regret – food or drink – after it’s consumed. Choose this person wisely.  Studies show those who have an accountability partner have a much higher rate of success in every endeavor.   

Do you need a professional accountability buddy? The Venus Transformation Challenge includes eight accountability sessions along with Team Personal Training.  Check out for details and registration.  We have closed this Transformation Challenge but you can get all the scoop and more by subscribing to our e-newsletter–its FREE and has tons of other useful comments! Go to our website and sign up!


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