5 summer tips for fun and feeling great

5 summer tips for fun and feeling great

We all want to be healthy, and we all fall off the proverbial wagon. Its really not great to go “on” and “off” a health kick.  Hopefully you have one small cheat day here and there and the rest of the time you eat pretty healthy.  

Here are 5 tips to stay on track when the temptations come knocking at your door:

1.  have a lighter cocktail: water down your liquor with extra tonic or club soda.  Remember that cranberry juice is mostly sugar (its not 100% juice–only about 10%; the rest is water and sugar), so if you want to add a little flavor, just add a splash, or use a slice of real fruit like orange, lemon, or lime. Strawberries in some cocktails can be a nice change of pace.

2. enjoy summer’s fresh offerings for dessert: instead of heavy cakes, ice cream, or other traditional desserts, lighten things up with fruit like fresh peaches, strawberries and blueberries.  Hold the ice cream and instead add some real whipped cream, or drizzle chocolate sauce and top with sliced almonds for a really elegant dessert. You can also freeze sliced fresh peaches.  click here for quick prep. 

3.  Trade your diet soda (or regular too) for another naturally sweetened beverage.  Ideally water with lemon or lime is the preferred choice, but if you are not quite there yet, you can take some club soda and add a splash of juice to it. Start out with about half and half, then reduce the juice to 1/4 and the soda to 3/4.  Try to reduce your bubbly beverage intake altogether.  It makes our bodies acidic and leaches Calcium from our bones, makes us much more prone to cancer and other diseases.  Soda wreaks havoc on our bodies.  Try to get off it as fast as you can. 

4.  Take up swimming.  Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because anyone can do it, no matter what ailment.  Even if you can’t swim, just walk or jog in the water for 20 minutes.

5. Get outside and sweat!  Yes, sweating is an important detoxification system for our bodies.  Get out of the air conditioning and go for a walk just to sweat, or do some gardening.  Be sure to drink plenty of water to replenish your body’s supply.  Lose your anti-perspirant for a couple of days and drink a bunch of water.  Take a 20 minute walk in the heat, and you will feel better, especially after a nice cool shower or dip in the pool!  Promise!! 🙂


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