Don’t fear yourself or success

I had the great fortune of attending the 20th International Usana Convention.  There are always great resources there for the latest research in nutrition, trends in diseases worldwide, a literal who’s who of world class athletes, and well-known health gurus. Many great speakers shared insights into:

  • why people overeat
  • why women in particular are always rushing around, never have time, and how its taking a toll on our health
  • getting the most out of your life and body

Here is Part I of  what I learned and want to share with you.  I hope you find some insight from these notes as much as I did hearing the speakers first hand. I will share three parts.  This first one focuses on empowerment and achieving success in health and life.  Part II will feature more medical and science-related info, and Part III will introduce a new team I am forming to increase awareness about optimal health.
Dr. Libby Weaver–Ph.D. in Biochemistry from New Zealand (

  • Our health isn’t just about our behaviours–eating and exercise; its about stress, how we internalize it, and how it changes our perception of who we are
  • Most of what we think about the world, other people, and ourselves is false.  We have been telling ourselves lies and we need to stop (many speakers at this event and elsewhere have been talking about this).  We have been lying to ourselves about what we can be and achieve.  We have a habit of only looking at our deficiencies, not at our successes or at our achievments.  This is because those of us who chronically do this have a huge fear of rejection and failure.  Here is more on what is going on in the brain…
  • Your subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than your conscious mind and your subconscious mind is created by the meanings YOU put into place
  • behavior is your outer expression of your beliefs
  • the emotional stress we exert on our bodies has a huge impact on our health.
  • take time to meditate first thing in the morning; set a positive intention for the day; be your own best friend–not your worst enemy.

(I will post more on some of the reasons behind PMS, that arm fat, cellulite and more in the next post)

Jen Groover, motivational speaker–entreprenuer

  • figure out what you want your legacy to be
  • you have gifts and tools but you have to let go of the baggage holding you back
  • everything you need is within you–trust yourself and your intuition
  • celebrate your uniqueness–it actually increases your value because no one else has it
  • embrace success
  • never let anyone dim your light–they are unaware of their own darkness
  • shine so bright that you illuminate the light in them!



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