What to eat

“What should I eat” is probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get. When did we get so confused about what is nutritious fuel for our bodies? Shouldn’t our bodies intuitively know what to eat?
The problem started when convenience foods became widely available and good manufacturers (a phrase in of itself is an oxymoron) started really messing with our brains.
Food companies are constantly developing new ways to make food taste better.
Here’s the thing: food’s primary goal is to provide nutrients to our cells. When flavor and pleasure predominate our choices, we lose. And our brains get some locked in on pleasure, kind of like an addict, that is what is seeks out and that’s where the confusion starts.
When I tell people they need to cut out their pleasure food like bread and cereal, chips and crackers, cookies and candy they freak, like what am I supposed to eat for breakfast?? What should I eat for snacks?? What if I go to a party and all they have is chips??
Take a deep breath! You can do this!
I always tell people to think about what you would eat if you lived Ina prairie with no grocery store, just veggetables, some chickens, maybe a cow or a sheep or goat, would you eat cereal for breakfast? No. You would eat an egg. Would you eat bacon? No. You would eat some tomatoes and maybe some spinach. Yum! That actually sounds delicious!! No time? How about a banana and peanut butter?
Some people panic when they’d ace a situation where they are not in total control of the food choices, like at a party or a work lunch. In these situations you have a couple of choices. You are not at the mercy of the idiot that orders pizza and soda.
1. you can eat before you go to said party
2. You can bring your own lunch (I have actually had people say they said they had to eat the same food as their client because it might offend their client if they had a salad–seriously? Playing a victim are we?? I told her maybe she would impress them with her healthy choices).
3. Avert your eyes from the chips or dessert or whatever it is that is making your mouth water at a party.
4. Eat before you go into a situation you know will not offer good choices. Arm yourself because you are going into battle with your brain. When faced with pleasure your brain will do whatever it can to convince you that it’s okay to have just one of whatever it is. But, you never wind up having just one of whatever it is because as soon as that food touches your tongue its all over. A storm of pleasure overcomes your brain and you want more and it’s really hard to stop. I know you know what I’m talking about! So just don’t start. Remember that your brain is going to play a trick on you and that you are not going to fall for it this time.

So, back to the question: what to eat?
No rocket science here. Vegetables, fruit, nuts seeds, legumes, eggs, water. You really don’t need much else if you work it right.
Look on some of my other posts for some smoothie recipes for a quick breakfast.
Any questions?


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