To eat or not to eat before working out–that is the question!

Did you see my blog post about girls and fitness?  I will post part 2 next week. 

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Here, I wanted to share with you some interesting research about a very contraversial issue that i get asked all the time:  If you want to lose fat, should you eat before you exercise? 

Before I get to the answer, let me tell you how to maximize your workout in one word: intervals.  You may have been hearing about interval training a lot lately, because it is VERY effective at increasing strength and fitness levels in a short workout time.  That’s why we do interval workouts at Venus!

Okay, so did you skip down to this part to find the answer to the question–should you exercise in a “fasted” state or not?  Drumroll, please….
The study  (published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism in 2011) found that subjects burned slightly more calories 12-24 hours after exercising in a FED state (meaning they ate before their workout). 

In addition, the study measured the type of energy used (fat, carbohydrate, protein)  in a FED or FASTED state.  They found that FED subjects burned more fat as fuel 12-24 hours after exercising. 

So there you have it!  It pays to have a snack before working out.  Don’t starve your body for precious fuel. 

Want to know what they ate? The subjects ate a 673-calorie mediterranean breakfast (the study was conducted in Italy–nice!) which consisted of 25% protein, 53% carbohydrate, and 22% lipids). 

Want to read the study?  click here

Suggestions for a pre-workout snack?  Nuts or a nut mix with dried fruit, like a KIND bar, or a low glycemic bar from Usana.  I like to eat half before and half after my workouts. Chocolate milk doesn’t have enough protein and too many carbs to qualify as a good option (according to this study).

Gosh we could go on and on about this!  If you want to share your pre and post workout snack ideas, comment below. 


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