Girls Fitness part 2–body image

Part 2 of Girls Fitness–creating positive body image from the inside out

What are the essentials for helping girls have a great body image?

  • think inside not outside–of course its not the outside of a person that matters, but what is inside.  That is not just true in character.  Good health starts on the inside, how you support your cells,  especially in girls because they are growing and changing.  Let’s face it: people come in different shapes and sizes, so being focused on the outside is counterproductive and harmful.
  • talk in terms of health instead of weight–whether your daughter is overweight or underweight, conversations about choices should always focus on health.  Help her to think about what food does on the inside, how it makes her feel after (or before) she eats. Is it energizing? Does it make her feel bloated? Does she feel guilty after?
  • how do YOU feel about your body and how do you talk about it? this has a big impact on the girls around you.  We tend to beat ourselves up about our bodies, especially when we make unhealthy choices.  Are you verbalizing that out loud?
  • teach empowerment, instead of blaming–its easy to say that we are one way or another because of our genetics.  Its easy to blame our spouse, our economic situation, or our other kids’ needs.  This is being a victim of your circumstances.  When you are a victim, your daughter takes on that attitude as well.  How can you and she make healthier choices with your specific circumstances?  Chances are, you are not the only one with a unique challenge–search the internet for inspiration!  Remember that we  CHOOSE what we put in our bodies.  We CHOOSE how we spend our time.
  • get your daughter involved in fitness activities that empower and  are not competitive.  For many girls (and women, too) competition in sports is not a positive outlet.  It certainly wasn’t for me!  Focus on programs where each person is treated like an individual, and classmates support each other at their level.  Girls working together as a non-competitive team, supporting each other, learning about focusing on the impact of our decisions on the inside of our bodies is the biggest gift that we can give them.

By emphasizing inside, getting in touch with the message we are sending about ourselves, making empowered choices, and giving our girls a non-judging environment for fitness, we can change the way girls look at themselves in the mirror.  This paradigm shift in how we view ourselves will change the health of future generations.

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3 thoughts on “Girls Fitness part 2–body image

  1. It might take a little perseverance, but I know from personal experience that the more you learn about how the foods we eat affect our bodies, the more motivated we are to follow through with healthier choices. Great post!

      • Yes, exercise is so important, especially once you start to get older. The things I once did easily began to be out of reach. It takes daily effort to keep all the hinges well-oiled :). And I mean daily! A few off days and you are almost back where you started…

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