no time? simple and effective ways to get active at work

It seems like you all don’t have much time to fit exercise into your routine. Sitting a lot during the day can put you at higher risk for blood clots, drains us of energy, and can stagnate thinking. For those of you who walk around a lot, get outside for some downtime.
Try these little “fit bits” during the day to help keep your blood circulating, stay alert, and reduce stress (yes, just 3-5 minutes can do that!!)

–walk outside for 3-5 minutes, even if you’re going on a smoke break–take a walk till you’re done. Walking is great for digestion, so when you are finished with lunch, walk around the building. It only takes the average person 15 min. to eat lunch, so take 5 more minutes to walk
–if you are already doing that, add some weights to your walk–like 3-5 pounders–you can do bicep curls!
— throw a ball with a coworker outside for 5 minutes
— squeeze your glutes (yes, thats your buttocks) while sitting at your desk–wake those puppies up! squeeze one at a time
–drink water! many people complain that drinking water makes them go to the bathroom–well, YEAH–take that opportunity to get up, walk around, and refocus.
Simple but effective! Get to it and tell me how it goes by leaving a comment.


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