combatting flatt-butt syndrome

You KNOW what I’m talking about!  Flat butt syndrome-its when you don’t really have a rear-end, your pants are always baggy in the back, and you probably think, hey, at least something is flat! You might also suffer from lower back pain, tight hamstrings, or a poochy stomach.  Usually a flat butt or “disengaged glutes” (the official way to describe it) is caused by sitting on it too much.  When I say that, most people start getting all defensive, or they relent and admit that they sit at a computer all day.  Its okay. Yes, sitting is about the worst thing you can do for your body, but there are some ways to work with it. 

  1. stand–create a work station where you stand to work at the computer.  Make sure the height is erganomic so you don’t start to compensate.  You can also use a stability ball to sit on.  These might look weird but they can literally change someone’s life.  Both of these tips engage the brain as well as the body, so your brain stays fresh as daisies!
  2. this one might be easier: while sitting, squeeze one buttock, and then the other.  This is a great exercise because you can keep doing what you’re doing.
  3. stand up and lower to sit–otherwise known as a squat.  stand and lower to chair–tap but don’t sit down all the way. Keep your belly button pulled into your spine while lowering, and squeeze glutes when you come up
  4. do lunges at the copier–if you have to stand around waiting for the copier, or for something to happen at work, do lunges and get your blood flowing.  This is a great reason to wear more comfortable clothes at work.

How do those exercises work for you?  please leave a comment below.  if you have any injuries or health conditions consult your doctor before starting something new.


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