How a horrible tragedy can have a positive ripple effect

This morning I heard a powerful story about a woman who lost both her legs at the Boston Marathon bombing.  The woman in the story was a bystander waiting for her sister and–long story short–she lost both legs.  Her most worrisome issue was that she would never gain her full independence back; that she would be dependent on others for the rest of her life.

She was visited by a Marine who lost both of his legs in Afganistan, who, as she put it, “was steady as a rock.”  That made her realize that she could gain her independence again and gave her hope.  Massive hope that she could get back to normal, and even exceed normal. 

Yes, this is a powerful story.  It moved me to tears several times–when I first heard it and then again, when i read the transcript.  But I think the thing that struck me the most, was the power of the ripple effect.  This Marine had something horrible happen to him–he lost both legs!  I can’t begin to imagine, not just the emotional impact, but the pain–the initial pain and the phantom pain that haunts amputees for many years after losing a limb.  Through this pain and emotional anguish, he became strong again, and now serves other severely injured servicemen.  He didn’t just become functional, he is an example of hope for others. 

I’m sure it never occured to this guy that his service to this woman in a Boston hospital  would have such an impact on people all over the country today.  When she did her interview, was she aware of the impact that she would have on someone in Ohio?

When tragedy happens, especially violent tragedy, its hard to grasp.  Its hard to keep our faith, and its hard to wonder what we are here for.  But as we heard on NPR today, and many times in the past, relating to other attacks on our country, tragedy can release positive energy into this world that was not there before.  These huge explosions that are meant to harm may actually bring about massive change and awareness of a larger presence in our lives that we were ignorant of moments before. 

Each of us have small “tragedies” in our lives each day.  Some days are worse than others.  Like the day someone gets a cancer diagnosis, or the day someone has a heart attack.  These are life-changing events for people.  These events effect many people, not just the one who is sick. 

But what if we take these tragedies and turn them into a positive energy?  What can we do with that?  Conventional wisdom says–create awareness, get screened, do tests, raise money for research. 

Unconventional wisdom says–create positive energy for change in our health consciousness.  By focusing on what we want, HEALTH, we bring a new level of energy into the world (a higher vibration), that has a massive ripple effect on not just health, but everything. 

Just like the woman who lost her legs–she boldly proclaimed that she had the hope that she would not just get back to a normal life, but that her life could possibly be BETTER!  How can WE turn every day events, what we do each day, how we treat each other, how we treat OURSELVES, to create a higher consciousness of health to create more positive energy in our world? 

Please leave a comment!!! I would love to hear your thoughts and know how you are contributing to  a positive ripple effect!  🙂

be well…Elyse

You can read the transcript of her story here.  



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