I love July!  The biggest reason I love July is because it is my BIRTH MONTH!  Yes, I am a Leo–its pretty obvious, I know.  🙂

I also love July because watermelon is at its peak nutritiousness, its triathlon season (and there is something about going riding on a summer morning, early and being finished with your workout at 9 am.

Because I love July so much, I want to spread the LOVE for health, abundant energy, and healing this month too!!

Right now, we are running a living social deal for Venus Training.  Click here to view it!  If you have been dying to workout with our fabulous clients and get in the best shape ever without killing yourself, click here.

If you are a member, share with a friend and get a sweet kickback!!

I am also running a special slimming smoothie workshop and promo on July 27th!  I am super excited about sharing my new slimming smoothie recipes–great for kids, elderly, diabetics, and everyone needing a nutritional boost without stimulating insulin production.  More on that soon, so stay tuned!

Recipe of the week…

This idea was inspired by a Pinterest photo.  EASY, FUN, and NUTRITIOUS!!  Ready, Set, GO!

Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Sandwiches

Need a healthier dessert?  Need a fun snack kids can make themselves?  Need a fun “craft” for a party?

banana peanut butter chocolate chip sandwiches-delicious healthy snack

banana peanut butter chocolate chip sandwiches-delicious healthy snack


You can use any kind of nut butter for these tasty treats.  Experiment with other fruit and garnishes.  Add hemp seeds for more texture.

What do you think??  A great party idea, huh? Lick your fingers and enjoy!  Elyse 🙂


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