Energy anyone? 3 steps to more (and they might not be what you think)

More energy anyone?  3 steps to getting more (and it’s not what you think…)

If you have ever been around a toddler you know what I’m talking about—running circles around us, boundless energy, and its puzzling!  How do they do it???  And can we get it back??

Well, I’m not going to promise that we can get THAT much energy back, but I will say that if you do these 3 things,  for 8 weeks you will change your life.  Even if you do them for 1 week, you will feel a difference.  Are you skipping down to see what they are?  (wow! you’re really desperate!)

STEP 1: TAKE A WALK EVERY DAY, PREFERABLY IN NATURE. Ideally, a 20-30 minute relaxing walk is extremely beneficial to the body–even if you are a very physically active person.   Studies have shown that connecting to nature regularly is vitally important to the proper function of our nervous system.  Don’t you have to take the dog out anyway??  Running doesn’t count, because all your body thinks is that you are running AWAY from something, and it creates more stress in the body. 

Leave your phone at home and focus on your dog, or the trees, or a bird, listen to the sounds around you.  Leave the hurry-up-because-you-have-something-else-to-do feeling at home and take a breather. Speaking of that….

STEP 2:  BREATHE DEEPLY.  Have you ever paid attention to your breathing?  Oxygen is a key ingredient in energy production in our bodies.  It seems pretty simple, but if you just pay attention to your breathing for 1 MINUTE a day, it could have a big impact on your awareness of your breath.  Start with 1 MINUTE at your desk, as you go to sleep at night, or right now as you are reading this.  Breathe in deeply, slowly, as deep as you can, and breathe out EQUALLY slow (don’t rush it all out).  do this 5 times. 

STEP 3: SKIP THE SUGAR RUSH.  Its soooo tempting to reach for something sweet with a cup of coffee or a soda to chase away feelings of fatigue, but in fact, this is just adding to the problem.  When you rely on sugar and caffeine for energy, it short circuits your body’s natural energy production.  It also creates a TON OF STRESS in the body, which winds up making you feel wired up temporarily, but exhausted later. 

And then you just crash anyway–which isn’t pretty.  That usually happens about the time you get off work, and you’re STARVING when you get home, so you eat anything in sight. 

Can YOU step up to the challenge??  Okay, I’m not even going to challenge you for 8 weeks.  How about 1 week??  I challenge you to doing these three things for 7 days in a row–then report back:

1. take a 5-30 minute walk and appreciate nature

2. breathe deeply for 1 minute  (about 5-10 breaths)

3. ditch the sugar and caffeine.  reach for water flavored with orange or lemon slices and sunflower seeds or almonds for mid morning and mid afternoon snacks. 

Be ready to amaze your family and co-workers with how you look and feel! 

READY, SET….GO!!!  be well….Elyse



2 thoughts on “Energy anyone? 3 steps to more (and they might not be what you think)

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