easiest, healthy salad ever

Sorry I have no pictures of the final product because it was soooo delicious that I ate it before I thought to take them!  This salad was extremely satisfying because it was very rich in fiber and protein.

I usually hate kale (I love being healthy but can’t get around the taste of it), but recently my grocer started stocking organic BABY kale–I have died and gone to heaven!!  Using baby kale and spinach in this salad make it super-food healthy!  The rest of it makes is super yummy and a complete meal.  Totally satisfying. Add some quinoa to it too, if you like!


baby kale

crumbled feta (just a small square)

garbanzo beans

dried cranberries

raw pumpkin seeds

cucumbers or zucchini


dressing is drizzled olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, pepper.  mix everything together until completely coated.

you can let it sit for 15-30 minutes and the kale will marinate and tenderize.


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