Eat this and move like this for massive results

Ever wonder how people get fast and amazing results??  If you did it you would be so thin and happy and confident, right? Would you be healthier?  It depends…

Unfortunately we are bombarded by diets and crazy exercise regimens published every month, but these things never seem to work for US!

What’s worse, it seems like every day researchers are finding that all the thoughts and beliefs that we have about getting in shape and what eat to stay healthy are wrong!  TOTALLY disheartening, huh?  But, don’t dispair, because now the news is rather EXCELLENT and its easier than ever to get in shape.  I am going to explain exactly how to exercise (and what NOT to do) and give some suggestions of what to eat that you can easily do to help you be healthier (and even drop some pounds).

Studies show that doing short bursts of super-intense exercise is just as effective, or more effective than long sessions of what we call in fitness “steady state” exercise (what some people refer to as cardio–where you trudge away on the pavement, treadmill or elliptical machine for 30-60 minutes).  Just 1-4 minutes a day (some researchers say even just 3 days a week) can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce fat in the bloodstream.  Here is the protocol:

20 seconds of ALL OUT intense exercise (on a bike is best, but can be running in place) followed by 10 seconds of rest.  Repeat for a total of 3 to 8 times.

That’s it.  If you don’t believe me why don’t you try it for 1 month (of course check with your doctor if you’re health is questionable)?  Or you can watch this video.

There has never been a time in history when what to eat has been more confusing.  You would think that with all our knowledge it would be pretty straightforward.  Unfortunately it is so confusing because it PAYS to make it confusing.  The diet industry is a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.  Messing with your head is marketing fodder for the diet and food industries.

Eating is also a HUGE controversy when it comes to losing weight.  There are the paleo people on one end, who eat large amounts of “clean” saturated fat, veggies, and stay away from grains, nuts and beans.  The theory is that paleolithic man was very lean and this is probably what he ate, so lets eat this.  Its also based on the idea of using fat as your primary energy source (which is preferred by the body).  Unfortunately, I don’t think paleolithic man actually ate this way.  I’m not an anthropologist, but I don’t think meat was as prevalent as paleo-lovers make it out to be.  These early men and women where thin because they were barely surviving!  My other huge problem with paleo is that its simply not sustainable for the environment (watch Forks Over Knives) or for us.  Saturated fat contributes to heart disease–its acidic and messes up the pH in our bodies increasing risk for osteoporosis and cancer.   Sorry to burst your bubble–I just can’t endorse this lifestyle.  Its just not HEALTHY!

Then what IS a good diet????  Good old fashioned common sense.  Tap into it.  Your body knows what is good for it.  Combine carbs, protein, healthy fat, and fiber every time you eat (which should be about every 2-3 hours).  Carbs (in the form of high fiber fruit and veggies) facilitate the beginning of the burn, especially first thing in the morning when you’ve been fasting for 8-10 hours and need a spark. Protein helps the body to rebuild and repair, making more muscle, bones, cells, hair (fueled by the carbs and fat).  Protein and fiber, ground the carbs during digestion and slow their movement into the bloodstream.   So, eat eggs (protein) with veggies (carbs/fiber) and avocado (fiber/fat), or beans (fiber, carbs, protein) with veggies (carbs) and quinoa (protein, fiber), or  fish(protein) with salad(carbs/fiber) and nuts (fat), or fruit (carbs/fiber) with greek yogurt (protein) and nuts/seeds (protein/fat).

Join us and learn not only the mechanics of health, but why you do what you do in the Muffin Top Meltdown starting on January 27th.  You can do it remotely or in Cincinnati.  Ask me how…leave a comment!  Or just ask a question.  I would love to hear from you!

Be well…Elyse




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