3 ways to maintain sanity during the weekend

Many times I hear from clients that its easy to stay on track during the week, but the weekend throws them off course.  Here are 3 ways to stay focused on eating healthy, getting some activity, and relaxing with family.

1.  Wake up a little earlier than everyone else, even if its only 30 minutes.  I know this may be your only day to sleep in, but if you wake up on YOUR terms and not someone elses, you will be a much happier person.  The quiet of the house is relaxing.  Read something inspirational, pray, or read the paper.  Go to the gym.  Eat a homemade protein-rich breakfast for yourself.  Savor your tea or coffee in the morning, instead of gulping it down. 

2.  If you are inundated with “weekend activities” for your kids, consider exercising while they are exercising.  You can take a walk around the school, run around the field (great way to stay warm), do the stairs.  This burst of activity will help you stay focused on your kids and not resenting the time on your butt.  If you are inundated with NON-kid activities, consider how often you say “no.”  This was a huge one for me.  As women, many times we feel we need to do everything (because no one else will do it, or do it right, or we need people to need us).  You do not need to do everything.  You DO need to take care of yourself and do some restorative things.  You DO need to relax.  Running running running all the time can cause major health issues, especially in women.  Don’t take relaxing lightly.  It is vital to a healthy, sustainable, purposeful life. 

3.  Designate a day or even just an hour, to doing something as a family.  It can be preparing a healthy meal together, or playing a game, or doing an activity together.  Two things that I love doing with family and friends is going to the trampoline gym and bowling.  Think outside the box. 

BONUS TIP!!  To stay focused the rest of the week, plan some time on Sunday to prep some meals for the week.  This can be a family event or some time for you to chill in the kitchen with your favorite tunes playing.  Invite some friends and make it social!  Here are a few great recipes to start with:

bean and cheese burritos (add chicken, fish, or beef if you like).  these look awesome!! Make ’em and freeze ’em.  Then take them out and warm them up or put them in your lunchbox to thaw.  


OR try this:  Slow Cooker White Bean, Chicken, and Quinoa Soup–freeze portions in ziplock bowls.


You can eat this anytime!  Also freezable!  Roasted Zucchini and onion fritatta wrap



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