Love your body Tip #1: Energize naturally

It can be hard to get excited about exercise and eating right if you just don’t feel good and don’t have the energy you used to.

  • Are you feeling tired and are lacking in the verve you had when you were younger?
  • Do you need to rely on a regular coffee/diet coke/5-hour energy break to get through the day?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping?

I totally understand that this time of year can be a drag (especially this year!), but many women  face real issues with having enough energy to take care of themselves and their families.  This can be caused by some serious issues which you should defintely talk to your doctor about.  But before you take a prescription, consider some lifestyle changes that might make a huge difference, naturally.
Every day till Valentines Day I’m going to offer some tips to show your body some love!

Tip #1: Energize naturally

If you are reading this, I am guessing that you are interested in living a healthy life, but I am also not so naive to think that everyone reading this does it!  🙂
If a majority of the food you eat comes in a package with a label, can be purchased from your car, or has instructions to microwave, this may in fact be sucking the life out of you.  Processed food not only causes diabetes and heart disease, it contains lots of chemicals that wreaks havoc on the liver.  Add some caffeine and a couple of glasses of wine and you’re setting yourself up for some serious health issues.

Simplify your diet with foods that don’t have labels (eating at restaurants doesn’t count).  Apples, oranges, celery, broccoli, sugar snap peas, etc. are all great snacks and they don’t need food labels.  Stay away from the frozen meal section.  The added ingredients found even in “healthy” processed foods accumulate a huge toxic load on our bodies, which can cause problems with energy.

1.  Shuttle energy back to where it should be stored first (in the muscles and liver) instead of in fat by doing very fast, hard spurts of exercise.  It can be swimming or running, or jumping, or biking as hard as you can for 20-30 seconds.  Perform 3 times.  How’s that for a quick workout!!

2. Take a break from caffeine and caffeine-related drinks (i.e. don’t just get the decaf version).  I know this is a little scary, but taking a break for at least 3 weeks will actually help you gain more energy!  The first week might be rocky, so be prepared with hot water, lemon and honey (lemon oil is a great treat in warm water).  You can also use peppermint oil to stay energetic during the day.  You will be surprised at how you feel at the end of 1 month.  Then you can decide to go back.  I will be honest–I love coffee but this was one of the best things I ever did (and I typically only get 6 hours of sleep).  I am actually less tired now in the afternoons, than when I was drinking more coffee.  Now I limit it to 1 cup first thing in the morning.

3.  Take a break from processed food.  You will be AMAZED at the energy you will have from eating real food.  Focus on keeping it simple.  Protein like an egg with veggies for breakfast, or a piece of chicken with  veggies is very satisfying to almost anyone.  You can even prepare ahead and make your own freezer meals!  It may take more time than walking through the freezer section, but it will save you time and money on going to the doctor, picking up prescriptions, having “procedures.”

Stay tuned for more tips to LOVE your body!



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