Overcome your fitness plateau simply with this tip

Our bodies are A-MAZING things!!!! They adapt to movement and eating patterns overtime and kind of get stuck–or actually they get really efficient. Not good if you are working on attaining a fitness or weight loss goal. This can be really frustrating and depressing.
One thing trap that I know I fall into occasionally is that we get kind of into a zone with our fitness routine.

It becomes a no-brainer, like, “Tuesdays and Thursdays I do the elliptical for 45 minutes, and then I work the “machines” on the other days”. After a while your body is like “BORRRINGGGG!!!” That’s when we stop seeing results. It can happen with food and yo yo dieting too.

This is precisely why we always change things up at Venus. Our workouts are programmed so that there is progress without plateau.

So, my #1 tip to NOT plateauing is to change things up!
I had a client who wasn’t seeing fat loss results, despite the fact that he was working out every day and eating right. The year before, he went from 14% body fat to 10% (he’s a 24 yr old guy, so that was appropriate). This time it just wasn’t working. I asked him about his workout schedule and it sounded like he was hitting it too hard. I told him to back off, gave him some ideas and he came back a month later. Lo and behold! He lost 2% body fat!!! The body is an amazing thing! 🙂

So, here are some suggestions for changing things up. This can be timing, tempo, exercises, intensity or how long you exercise for fitness. It can be changing from running to swimming, it can be going from 5 days a week to 3.
SOLUTION #1: add tabatas–those fast 20-10 8 times in a row intervals.
SOLUTION #2: do something completely different. If you are a runner, start lifting 2x a week and don’t run those two days.
SOLUTION #3: cross-train with different sports-like triathlon (we happen to be starting our Ladies Only Triathlon Training on May 13th. Click here for details)

SOLUTION #4: go on a short term restriction diet–like eliminate all bread and pasta for 2 weeks, or be really religious about taking your vitamins for 2 weeks, or take a break from caffeine and alcohol for 2 weeks.

Not only will these changes affect your muscles, it will affect your brain too!  The brain is connected to every single muscle in your body.  That’s why studies show that exercise and puzzles lower your risk for neuro-degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease.

Keep your brain and your muscles guessing and you will have a healthy body!  Please share with me what YOU do to avoid plateaus.  Just leave a message below.

Thanks!  Elyse



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