What you need to do to get ready for summer now!


Summer vacation is right around the corner–about 3 to 4 weeks away for most schools.  For most moms of school-age children this can wreak havoc on the best of fitness schedules.  What can you do NOW to stick to your goals?

  • PLAN–what is your schedule going to look like once the kiddos are home?  Will you be the one entertaining them all summer? Are they going to camp?  Sit down with the summer calendar and look at what times you have available. Think about tapping into time you might normally not think of–like the early morning hours.  This might not be appealing at first, but its free time when pretty much no one will bother you.  This planning should take about 15-20 minutes



  • GET HELP–if you are completely on your own, arrange for some help so that you can get out.  Can a high schooler watch your kids for an hour while you workout or get a run or a walk in?  Maybe you can trade with another mom whose kids are friends with your kids.  Make a list of some valid options–drop in daycare is another idea, like Kidz Watch in Montgomery.  Then figure out which is going to fit into your schedule, which is the most affordable, and which is the most RELIABLE.  There is nothing worse than making plans to exercise, and someone cancelling at the last minute.  (I HATE when that happens!!!).



  • MODIFY–modify your workout to fit in with your schedule.  You may be used to spending an hour at the gym every day, but during the summer you may need to break that time up into smaller chunks.  A great way to still get an awesome workout is with high intensity interval training.  This is a short and intense workout that you can do in literally 4 minutes.  You can even do it with your kids and be an awesome role model.  Modifying your workouts in the summer is also a great way to stay fresh and avoid plateaus  (last week’s post).



Please let us know how YOU strategize your summers by leaving a comment below.  If you need help just ask!

Have an awesome day!   Elyse


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