Are you a detox junkie?

Certain times of the year, I find myself feeling kind of, well, ready to take on more—like a new start. Other times I honestly just need to detox from some of the junk I’ve been getting into.

Do you find that?  That certain times of the year you feel motivated to do something to make you feel better or see if you can feel better than you already feel?

Kind of like an experiment.

What if I do THIS? Will it help me have more energy/lose weight/get rid of my headaches/make my cycle hurt less/feel happier?

I’m going to be running an awesome Venuswoman Cleanse in October, so stay tuned.  But first, what kind of cleanser are you?

So, I have figured out there are basically two camps on cleanses for those who create them and for those who do them.

Those who create them:

Camp #1: these cleanses are pretty intense and can inspire lots of bathroom time. Usually you need a juicer and all kinds of veggies that most people don’t normally eat. These are generally very effective and short, like 3-7 days (because seriously, who could keep that up??). The people who create these cleanses generally tend to be a) from California (because everyone’s always detoxing there, right), b) someone who secretly hates people who enjoy food; or c) someone who just really likes juicing.

Camp #2: this cleanse is also intense but involves real food. Yes, you still need to give up some things temporarily like caffeine and alcohol, but hey—it’s a CLEANSE, right? These usually last 21 to 28 days and can also be very effective if the participants stick to it. It is generally easier to stick to (as long as you’re not a closet alcoholic—which maybe you’ll discover if you’ve never had to live without alcohol for more than a couple of days). **

**side note: you can learn a TON about yourself while doing a cleanse. I didn’t realize how much I relied on my morning coffee until I took a break—the first time it was very hard to deal with—I’m not gonna lie—but after 2 weeks I was over it. I still drink it (its like one of my only vices!) but now I know what that feels like and that I can do it.

Those who DO cleanses also fall into 2 camps:

Camp A: these people want a quick and dirty (or clean) way to drop weight/feel better about their binging/take a break from food (aka have a dysfunctional relationship with food). These people are good with short term cleanses (but sometimes they still make up their own rules). Long term cleanses tend to take more faith and confidence in the process. These people also tend to be yo-yo dieters. They love cleanses because it helps them justify eating crap the rest of the time.

Camp B: even though these people might be at different places health-wise, they all are dedicated to finding out what will make them feel better, stronger, and healthier. They also have an inherent faith and belief that their bodies can heal when given the proper nourishment and “tools.” They tend to be people who don’t go cold turkey, but like a gradual, realistic approach to getting rid of the junk.


Do you like Cleanse 1 or 2? Are you an A or a B? Tell me why and what you’ve tried in the past. Leave a comment below.


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