Are you friend or foe?

Hi and happy Monday!!!

I had such a revelation this weekend and I think a lot of you can relate, so I’m sharing it here.

My shower drain got clogged again for like the fourth time in the past six months–very frustrating to say the least. As I am unsuccessfully trying to snake the drain I start to think very self defeating thoughts. Things like “this isn’t working!” And “my husband should be doing this!!” And “why does this have to be soooo difficult!!!”  In the same moment I realized that I am so playing the victim card!  My friend called and as I complained about my drain she says oh we found a great natural way to clean drains–just google it. Huh, I thought. It can’t be that easy. Were going to have to replace these old pipes….my mind adding up the bill and potential DIY blunders.

But in a moment of hope, I googled my problem and there was an answer. I didn’t think it would work, but I tried.

It worked. It was really simple and I was really amazed that it worked!!

At these moments of seeming defeat, I’m just about ready to give up, I am my own worst enemy–not a fan, but my own foe!

Do you ever feel this way? My friend gave me a solution that was out of my realm of thought or belief–out of the box. How could hot water, vinegar and baking soda be so powerful???? But it was.

In the moment that I took a shower and the water drained away I felt like my own hero. I didn’t need my hubby (as adorable as he is) to save me. I just needed some wits and some confidence.

That what we all need, whether we are dealing with a recurrent home repair dilemma or our own body not responding to diets and exercise.

Sometimes we need someone to help us think outside the box–take a new approach–one that is so simple we don’t even think it can work, but it does.

That’s what I do. Health isn’t complicated. Stop playing the victim in your daily drama–how ever that plays out–and be your own hero.   If you can relate, click here to share a comment or add one below.

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Have a great day!!  Elyse


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