4 tips to get your a$$in gear now!

It has been gorgeous here in the Midwest these past few days. I feel like spring is finally here, and I’m not holding a grudge against Mother Nature for being a little fickle. Usually longer days and nice weather motivate the hell out of people to work out, eat healthier and simply just feel good. But I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments lately from clients about how UNmotivated they feel.  
I have several theories about why so many people are feeling unmotivated but instead of dredging up the past (sigh), I’m going to move ahead with 5 ways to get your mojo back. (Okay I only have 4, but they are still damn good!)
1. Get outside. 

Getting some sun is good for the soul and wakes us up, literally. Seeing and feeling the sun on our face and skin creates more “awake” brain chemicals by light stimulating us through our eyes, and replenishes our possibly low vitamin D 3 stores which just makes us feel better on so many levels. 

AND, if you have allergies or are prone to get seasonal colds, you need to get out even more! Vitamin D is an important part of a healthy immune system. Go out at times when the pollen isn’t flowing off the flowering trees as much, like after a rain, or in the morning (because there is still dew on the plants). 

Even if you don’t get a ton of sun being outside, seeing, hearing, breathing in nature is good for us. 
2. Use some natural energy aids. 

You: Elyse, what do you mean by “natural” energy aids? That sounds like you’re talking about caffeine. 

Me: Nope! Even though I love coffee, caffeine is not really going to help you here 

The natural energy aids I’m talking about are:

-peppermint and orange oil

-a smoothie or handful of nuts

-you all time favorite song that you just can’t sit still when you hear it 
Orange and peppermint essential oils are naturally activating and are very effective for waking you up. Just take a whiff of pure oils-you can smell each one individually or make a combo spray that you spritz on you in the morning (just don’t get peppermint in your eyes–you’ll tear up). I will even add to my morning water. (Click here for more info on essential oils). 
A power smoothie or chia bowl will really get you going. Most people make smoothies with all fruit, but the real energy and power come from a secret ingredient: nuts. You can add in the form of nuts if you have a power blender like a blend tech or vitamin. Or, you can use almond butter or cashew butter. There are tons of recipes on the web so I won’t bore you with any here. Look for this though: try keeping oatmeal and dairy out of the equation. Oatmeal is just filler usually, and dairy can make people sluggish. 
Music in the morning can set the tone of your whole day! Find a song that has uplifting, positive lyrics that also has an upbeat tempo. My morning song that makes me dance in my seat is Shining Star by Earth Wind and Fire. I ask Siri to play that song every morning and it just gets me thinking all positive and stuff! Yeah! Great day on the horizon! 
3. Set your stuff out the night before. 

I know this is like mom words but it works. Just grab a jog bra, bottoms, socks, underwear and a t shirt. Set aside in a convenient place and now you have no excuses to get up and go do something tomorrow morning. One other thing you can do is plan a short workout. Either set up a DVD the night before so it’s all ready to go, or write down 5 exercises that you know you can do, do 10-20 of them and repeat that for 3-4 times. It doesn’t have to be really hard or complicated. You just need to move. I actually make my workouts as fun and chill as possible so it doesn’t stress me out and I don’t have pain as a negative association. 😄
4. Get an accountability partner. This is one of the most powerful and underutilized things you can do to get and stay motivated. I have run my Muffin Top Meltdowns for

this exact reason. We NEED someone to keep us going! It’s

Like when I read a blog about how nasty cows are treated I vowed to stop eating dairy because I didn’t want to support such a sadistic industry. But, don’t ya know I forgot about it about a week later and slowly went back to having half and half in my coffee (don’t judge). 
We all need accountability. For working out, for eating healthy, for being positive.
Surrounding yourself with as much positive input as you can control, and politely asking the haters to refrain in your presence can go a long way.  

Listen to fun songs, listen to great audios like Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay. Meditate. Read instead of watching tv. 

Then find people who are like you and on the same path. 
Since so many people have been saying they need a push, I’m considering doing another Muffin Top Meltdown Motivation. 😄 

If you are interested in this please comment. If I get enough people I will start it soon. It will probably have a cost but you’ll get a lot with it (including some products). 

Please make a comment and tell me what you think! Thanks! 

As always, be well…Elyse 


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