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Whether we believe it or not deep inside, we are all beautiful.  It really doesn’t matter what shape or size each part of your body is, because beauty comes from inside.  Who you are, how you express yourself, treat others, the confidence and energy you have is what defines your personal beauty, so let’s just get off that gotta-be-skinny-and-have-the-“model”-look train.  That program has been on WAY too long and its time for it’s season to end!

I call it discovering your “inner goddess.”  Taking a few weeks to focus on our health and taking care of our bodies (versus taking care of everyone else around us) can be very enlightening.

Even though in the end our outer beauty is ultimately not the most important feature we possess, it is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside of our bodies.

  • Dark circles or bags under your eyes?
  • Adult acne?
  • Monthly cycle issues?
  • Aches and pains?
  • Lack of energy?

All these things are caused by not taking care of ourselves on the INSIDE.

When I set out to totally redesign my transformation challenge program, I knew I wanted it to be different from anything on the market.  Of coVenus Cleanse_LOGOurse, in my usual form, I would teach about eating and moving sustainably.  I realize that for pretty much everyone KNOWING what to do to be healthy and actually DOING it are very different things.  Most of the time, we don’t even know why we do unhealthy things or how to create real, lasting change in our daily habits.
Educators know that making information tangible, practical, and giving you hands-on tasks to make this YOUR challenge is what helps solidify new habits.
As a trainer and educator, I know that you know what to do (even if you think you don’t).  Being healthy is about the most natural thing in the world!  But
  • we have been brainwashed to think that true health is impossible, that sickness is inevitable.
  • we have been confused by marketing hype, labels that lie, and enhanced flavors
  • we have been sold the idea that our genetics determine everything and that we are the victim of our family history
  • we have lost our faith in OURSELVES to make good decisions and know how to take care of our bodies.

I’m here to STOP THIS MADNESS!  YOU and your body know what to do, you just need someone to wake up that part of you again.

There are a lot of programs out there that promise all kinds of things, from losing tons of weight fast, to giving you more focus, and they claim its all super easy!  This all on the outside.
The idea HERE isn’t to lose weight, or fix all your health problems.  The Inner Beauty Challenge is designed to empower you by:
  • educating you about your body
  • teaching you how to choose healthy food
  • helping you tap into the issues that hold you back from real, lasting change
That’s why I have teamed up with my friend Christy, who is a holistic health coach, to help us confront our unconscious resistance.  No, its not psychobabble.  She will teach us christyEmotionalFreedom Technique.  If you need emotional freedom, this is for you (don’t we all???).
We have worked for 6 months on this program, to make it fun, visual, and practical.  When we first started we thought, why would people pay for a healthy living program when there are so many free ones out there?  So, we have set ours apart.
The Inner Beauty Challenge is more like a course on what creates outer beauty via inner health.  No, this is not some get skinny quick scheme.  It’s a course breaking down the three key systems to detoxifying and releasing physical and emotional toxins that are holding you back from:
-feeling joyful
-maximizing energy
-looking and feeling younger
and yes, you might even lose some weight.  BUT, you will gain insight into:
-what makes your body tick from what you put into it
-why you sabotage yourself
-why what others say to you (even if it’s nice) throw you in a tailspin
-why the scale scares the sh*t out of you.
The Inner Beauty Challenge is more than some guidelines, shopping lists, and recipes.  This is a journey that will blow your mind if you fully engage.  You will get:
  • a beautifully-designed 65+ page e-workbook with information, worksheets, grocery list making tools (yes, YOU DECIDE what you should buy), journal pages, and inspiring exercises that will release you from own bad habits;
  • weekly video emails providing key tips to make the most of your week;
  • support over 4 weeks.  One-on-one emails by request, and a closed Facebook page to get recipes, articles that go deeper (if you want), inspiration, and support from others, who are working on the same issues you are.
We realize that its a BIG leap to be the first group to participate in this challenge.  I have worked with other groups on a pilot to this project that this is what they said:
“Just wanted you to know that I have lost 8 pounds, relieved of bad problem with constipation, and have a lot more energy. I will continue to add more whole foods to my diet, drinking dandelion root tea, take my probiotics, and continue with my vitamins…Thanks, MS
We realize its still hard to make a commitment, time-wise and money-wise.  I have found that when people (including myself) sign up for free stuff, we don’t do it.  When I’m engaged, and have an incentive to finish, I do it.  YOU WANT TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!  (even though that’s a scary thought!)
Sign up right now.  You have nothing to lose, except those naysayers inside your head.


1.  Breathe from your belly.

2. Use the foam roller to move your lymphatic fluid and warm your muscles and EScreen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.48.45 PMxercise 30-45 minutes a day.

3. Eat every 2-3 hours to prevent cravings and binging.

4. Drink water (about 80 oz.  Ideally, drink before meals)

5. Avoid or minimize acidic foods like meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar

6.  Eat balanced, low-glycemic smoothies to kill cravings. Use nuts or nut milks, avocados and other healthy fats and plant proteins to balance out veggies and fruit.



3 thoughts on “Inner Beauty Challenge

  1. myra says:

    Canyou tell me what the typical essential oils you will recommend will cost, do you offer smooth mix, how much are they as opposed to making our own raw, not always practical, is the foam rubber massage tool included in the price. I did love the protein shakes you used to carry, you gave me source to order directly. Trying to avoid poultry completely now, and would really like to limit other meats. Amy Hamilton has influenced me, and also diabetic, probably from being obese.

    • Hi Myra!
      This challenge is really food based. It’s nice to have a powdered shake mix for on the go but all of our meal suggestions are based on eating whole, clean foods. The essential oils suggested are very reasonable and we are giving everyone a free one to start (a value of $14 retail). We realize everyone has different needs and may already have a foam roller or oils, so we have not included it in the challenge.
      I hope you will join us!!!

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