Triathlon Training

Is a Triathlon on YOUR bucket list?  Are you hooked and want to train with a group of ladies lead by a certified coach?  Check out Ladies Only Triathlon Training by Venus Fitness for Her!

Here is what you get:

  • In person Training–Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 7 am. Tuesdays we meet in Montgomery at the Pool or at Venus or for a clinic in the area. On Sundays we start out on the bike trail with bike/run, and as the weeks go by we will do rides all over and even do open water swimming at Caesar Creek. Starts May 19th.
  • USA Triathlon certified coach and assistant coaches who have participated in years and years of triathlon at the sprint and olympic levels.
  • A fun, social, and balanced atmosphere. We are serious about two things: getting you to the finish line feeling great, and your safety. We are women and we keep training in perspective. Our goal is to coach you to have your best race, whether its your first, or 21st.
  • a  very informative handbook with articles, tips, rules, and equipment “needs and wants” list
  • a full written program including exactly what to do every week–level specific
  • small groups–we only work with up to 30 people per season

Normally, triathlon training is around $400-500 for 8 weeks. And, some of those are online programs!

We charge $220 for a full, hands-on program.  Register NOW here.

FREE clinic!  Are you a little nervous about committing?  Come to my exclusive clinic on triathlon and swimming April 28th @ 7pm.  Register HERE.  Its FREE! Bring a friend and receive $5 off both your registrations that night!


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